Written by the Renew & Revitalize Life Coaching Team

Losing your job is a stressful thing to experience. While friends and family may rush to your side in an attempt to bring you comfort, no silver lining will take away from the fact that your whole world has been suddenly upended. If you have recently been confronted with this situation, know that you are not alone. In fact, MindTools shared that “at the height of the pandemic, more than 20 million people lost their jobs in just one month.”

The worst part of losing your job is feeling a loss of control. You may start to question everything about your career choices, your interactions with your coworkers, or even your value as a person. Bouncing back and rebuilding yourself after such a loss may seem like the last thing you want to do. But by following these three steps, you’ll soon enough find yourself climbing out of the dark and striding towards something new.

1. Take Some Time to Grieve

Depending on your situation, you may feel pressured to immediately throw yourself at the next available job opportunity. However, at this stage, it’s natural to feel a little shaken and upset. If you start to take on interviews right away, you’ll bring that negative energy and turmoil along with you, hurting your chances of success.

As FairyGodBoss points out, “Equally important for career success is recognizing that the way you view yourself affects others.” If you see yourself as a failure, others will see you that way too, even if it isn’t true. Instead of jumping back in too quickly, take some time to process and grieve before taking the next step.

2. Recognize What is in Your Control

While you cannot erase the past, it’s important to recognize that there are, in fact, still some things within your control. As the team at FindLaw states, “while you cannot control how you feel, you can control how you react.” How will you respond to the situation? You could certainly choose to let it define you and crush your spirit, or you could acknowledge that this is just one incident, and it does not change who you are or alter your capabilities. Focus on remembering the skills and knowledge that got you hired in the first place.

A great exercise is revisiting your resume. Not only will this be useful once you’re ready to move forward and start looking for new positions, it’s also a great tool to remind yourself of everything you’ve accomplished and all that you bring to the table.

3. Consider Your Options and Choose a Direction

Now is an excellent time to take stock of where you are in life and where you want to go. Perhaps you learned that you really enjoyed a specific aspect of your previous job and want to focus on pursuing careers with similar responsibilities. Or, possibly, you found that there were certain factors you heavily disliked and would rather avoid if possible.

Losing your job allows you to reassess your goals and determine which direction is best for you. Try thinking of the situation as an opportunity for reinvention instead of something negative. You might even find yourself getting excited at all the options that are now standing before you.

Starting Anew

This process can be painful, even scary, but with the right perspective, it can also be extremely revitalizing. Luckily you don’t have to go through it alone. Renew and Revitalize Life Coaching offers affordable life coaching services for all sorts of situations. Reach out to us for a free consultation today!

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