Written by the Renew & Revitalize Life Coaching Team

Do you ever think that what you give is more than what you get? This is a measure of your personal power. Do you put more overall energy into your work, your relationship, or your children than the satisfaction you receive from those interactions? When you give of yourself, you are giving up a certain degree of your personal power. This is not a bad thing, as it is the way that your daily interactions affect the lives of others, and their interactions with you should empower you in a symbiotic way.

Unfortunately, many people give more energy than they receive, which robs them of their mental strength. If you find yourself in this situation, you must follow these tips to regain your personal power.

  • Stand out. Never try to hide who you truly are, your individuality is your identity. Instead of trying to blend in with the crowd, express the traits that make you unique.
  • Value your self-worth. Never allow others’ opinions to dictate how you live your life. One of the biggest traps that we fall into is trying to please all the people in our lives all the time. If you get criticism for your actions, take it with a grain of salt. If you are happy with the decisions you make, that is all that matters.
  • Don’t play the victim. Your life choices are your own, so own them. When you verbally express that you “had no choice” due to circumstances, you’re implying that you were forced into a situation, which is typically not the case.
  • Don’t be a follower. You need to establish and know your personal values. Don’t be a passenger on a train that is traveling down tracks to a destination you have no desire to visit. Follow the path that is in line with your beliefs.
  • Let go of baggage. Holding grudges is one of the most poisonous activities you could possibly engage in. When you forgive someone who wronged you, you are empowering yourself and taking the reins in the situation.
  • Know your boundaries. Know them, but also make your boundaries clear to others. When you allow yourself to be guilted into something you don’t want, you are freely giving away your power. Don’t blame others for your actions – if you let your boundaries be known from the start and stick by them, your strength will be clear.
  • Own your feelings. When you blame your circumstances on the way someone else makes you feel, you are giving in to their control. Own your feelings and emotions, don’t blame others, and don’t let them make you feel bad for your choices.
  • Stop complaining. Instead of complaining about the hand you’ve been dealt, put your strength into solving your problems and showing that you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Remember that, as a Chopra Foundation article says, “None of us can change the evening news, but we can regain the personal power that is undermined by stress, a sense of threat, and loss of control.”

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