Confidence & Personal Power

Confidence & Personal Power

Self Confidence

We have all heard that self-confidence is a way to success and satisfaction with ourselves.

Does self-confidence mean self-esteem, YES! Does is mean – I like myself, YES! But it is not always that simple because there small ‘rocks’ in the road to Self-Confidence.

Let me name a few:

  1. Negativity – If you have it you learned it
  2. Fear – Not so clear how this happens

There are many other thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that present blocks to feeling good, confident and capable. My goal to walk with my client to the find the reasons and the key to using their Power to go to a more Self-Confident person!

I need to work with my clients to define their goals, try to eliminate what has them STUCK.

Some areas my clients will need to consider:

  1. Fear – Learn to not be afraid to try – Failure is not toxic, it can be a powerful source of information and growth
  2. Putting yourself down – That is self-abuse. One of the most important goals to achieve is taking away that self-abuse. If you don’t see your positives, they will not exist!
  3. Acknowledge your accomplishments – Some of my clients have never been able to give themselves Credit. We all have the power to learn this skill, and the secret to self-confidence. My clients will develop this skill and it does not mean becoming egotistical – just healthy and fair to oneself.
  4. Understand your words have Power – Choosing your words is a skill all my clients chose to develop more fully.

I love it when they return to their next visit and start with, I want to tell you what I did and how I handled it!