Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss

How to Cope With Loss

Are you suffering from grief, loss or bereavement?

Are you looking for someone to help you cope?   

Based in Leesburg, Florida, but also servicing areas throughout Florida, including  Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, Ocala and Jacksonville, Florida, I can help.

We all experience loss in our lives. It may be of little importance and we travel forward.

However, many times it is SIGNIFICANT enough to cause us to feel GRIEF. There are many events which can do this — loss of a job, loss of financial well- being, moving away from family or friends. Each of us holds different things dear or important.   It is then that we grieve that LOSS.  Sometimes this is so strong that our very daily life is stuck in a bad place and we may need HELP and GUIDANCE.

BEREAVEMENT is the grief over the death of a loved one.

This can encompass both deep sadness and despair, even  anger.

If this is where you find yourself, working with a Grief and Loss Coach can help you achieve a positive outcome.

I know this to be true because I work with clients experiencing these events, I am able to guide them to understand the phases of what they are feeling, to move in a healthy and positive manner.

While we service clients in the Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville or Ocala Florida areas, we can also work with clients via Zoom or phone.  Please contact us for a free consultation or to make an appointment.