Written by the Renew & Revitalize Life Coaching Team

Stress plagues us all at some point in our lives. It may be from deadlines piling up, drama among families, or financial insecurity. Even doom scrolling through Twitter can negatively affect our stress levels. No matter where our stress comes from, it affects every part of our lives, especially our relationships. Have you ever been so stressed you snapped at someone that not only had nothing to do with why you were stressed, but worse – they did not even know something was bothering you until they were berated by you unfairly? Or, do you avoid doing things that you normally would enjoy?

Learn the Stressors That Could Be Hurting Your Relationships

These are just a couple of ways stress can negatively impact our relationships. Other sure tell signs that connection with your partner is tanking are; when your libido suffers, and your communication skills go out the window. According to an article in USA Today, 98% of people reported dealing with some type of stress in their lives. You are not alone. Let’s take a closer look at how your personal stress is actually putting additional stress on your relationships.

  1. You take your stress out on others. If you perceive everything your partner says as ‘fighting words’ and find yourself lashing out unfairly, stress may be the culprit. The longer the stress lasts and the more it builds, the more likely you are to be argumentative with your partner. The best way to avoid taking your stress out on others is to be upfront with them and let them know something is bothering you that has nothing to do with them. Clearing the air will at least inform your partner that you are under stress. They can offer to talk things out with you or give you some space if needed.
  2. You have no interest in things you used to enjoy anymore. High levels of stress can actually cause feelings of anxiety and depression. If you find yourself not able to enjoy things that used to be your jam or simply don’t feel like leaving the house or getting out of bed for more often than usual, your stress may be to blame. Heightened feelings of fear and restlessness should be taken seriously. Some studies report as many as 74% of people have felt so stressed that they have felt unable to cope.
  3. Your libido is suffering. Stress causes you to be burnt out, not sleep well, and become exhausted. When you don’t have the energy to do day to day activities, being intimate will surely feel like too much of a chore. If this sounds like you, take a step back and reevaluate your situation.
  4. Your communication skills go out the window. The key to all successful relationships is good communication. Listening to your partner and sharing your feelings are imperative to feeling a connection with another person. When stress gets to the point where your mind is racing and you feel distracted or overwhelmed, chances are communicating well will be difficult and can put a strain on a relationship in no time at all.

Learn When to Ask for Help

Not all stress is bad, but if it is negatively impacting your relationships, it’s time to take some steps to manage it better. If you are overwhelmed, using a life coach in Florida or other health professional may be able to help. You and your relationships are worth it. But whether you need a Life Coach in Florida or surrounding areas, please contact us at Renew and Revitalize Life Coaching. Stress doesn’t have to rule your life.

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