Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety


If you need help dealing with social anxiety and and live in the Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville or Ocala
Florida areas, I can help!

When does normal anxiety become social anxiety?

We all feel nervous in some social situations and even have “butterflies” in our stomach.

However, with social anxiety our everyday interaction can cause significant fear, anxiety, being self-conscious, and embarrassed. At times feeling the real fear of the root of some of their negative feelings of being observed and judged by others. These feelings can severely affect your life and cheat you out of becoming the Best you!

Social anxiety usually begins in early to mid-teenage years. However, I have observed this in much younger children as well as and adults, in certain events that may occur usually following an adverse situation.

No matter when the anxiety starts this is Serious. Wrapped in this disorder is lack of self-esteem, hypersensitivity to criticism, poor performance in your job, school, relationships and many other failures.

Get HELP EARLY. I work with my social anxiety clients in helping them to develop skills; simple ones in the beginning. We devise the behavior modification together. Taking small steps, remembering you did not get here overnight. Learning to be patient and self-praising for your accomplishment is Your Power. It is my goal to move with my clients at their own pace of their comfort. My clients help design their program and access their gains and succeed!

While we service clients in the Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville or Ocala Florida areas, we can also work with clients via Zoom or phone.  Please contact us for a free consultation or to make an appointment.